Society of
Children's Book Writers
and Illustrators

Pre- and Post-Conference Activities

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SCRAWL CRAWL: Friday, May 12, 15:30 – 18:00 



All attendees already in Brussels on Friday, May 12 are invited to join us at the Scrawl Crawl. 

What is a Scrawl Crawl? A scrawl crawl is an event where you create on the go! Be inspired by your surroundings and draw or write while moving from place to place.

It’s a great way to see Brussels, to meet up with fellow children's book writers and illustrators and spend an afternoon being creative together. We will crawl through the Brussels city center, and scrawl from its highlights and charming treasures. 

Indicate your presence by ticking the appropriate box on the registration form. 


DINNER: Friday, May 12, 19:00 – 21:30

All attendees already in Brussels on Friday May, 12 are invited to join us at their own cost for a dinner at a local restaurant.

Indicate your presence by ticking the appropriate box on the registration form. 





PEER CRITIQUE CAFÉ: Monday, May 15, 10:00 – 12:30 

For those interested, there is an optional peer critique café being organized at

Pastelaria Garcia 

75 Avenue de la Couronne

1050 Ixelles

on Monday, May 15, followed by a brunch (pay for your own). 

On the registration form, tick the appropriate box if you are interested in participating. You will be contacted by Melanie Welfing and assigned a group depending on your genre (i.e., Picture Book, Middle Grade, Young Adult). You will be emailed a list of other participants in your group, along with a recommended deadline by which to exchange manuscripts. It is your responsibility to provide feedback on the manuscripts you receive in exchange for receiving feedback on the manuscript you share with the others in your group. You can choose to exchange comments during the brunch on Monday, or you may want to exchange comments before you meet. We are offering you a chance to connect with attendees, exchange manuscripts, and meet in person, it is entirely up to your group to coordinate among yourselves how to organize the exchange. Previous experiences taught us that it is an excellent way to find critique partners. 

We suggest allowing at least 10 minutes to focus on each manuscript and providing written comments, either in an email prior to the meeting or after giving your feedback in person.