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Meet our 2017 Mentees

The applications have been read, the mentors have made up their minds. Now it’s time to announce the 2017 SCBWI Mentorship Program mentees!


Our 2017 Mentees!

Bridget Marzo chose Kerry Dywer (SCBWI Switzerland member) as her mentee. Here’s what Bridget had to say about Kerry’s work: 
I really feel that I can really help her, especially in terms of all important characterisation and story building.

Jill Esbaum chose Linda Hofke (SCBWI Germany/Austria member) as her mentee. Here’s what Jill had to say about Linda’s picture book Oh, No, You Don’t!:

I loved your application. I’ve been told that character development is one of my strong suits, so what you wrote about wanting to improve that element in your own writing really struck a chord with me. I was also impressed by the number of conferences and workshops in which you’ve participated. That shows real dedication and determination and tells me you’re open to and actively striving toward improving your craft.

Because we seem to be a great fit, I’ve chosen to work with you for this mentorship.



Janet Fox chose Tara O’Dawd (SCBWI Netherlands member) as her mentee. Here’s what Janet had to say about Tara’s book ROBO-PRINCESS AND THE RUSSIA PLOT:

The writing is strong, and the premise intriguing, and I found myself wanting to read on at the end of the 10 pages. 


And in the reminder that publishing is subjective and not every story is going to resonate with every reader, Sarah Aronson wasn’t able to choose a mentee this year from the applicants. Being in a mentorship is demanding work on both sides and requires dedication and passion to dig deep into the story on a level that is more akin to editors than basic readers. Unfortunately, the submissions she read did not resonate with her and so she has stepped down from her position as mentor. 


What’s next?

Over the next six months, the mentors and mentees will meet and work extremely hard together on the chosen projects. But that doesn’t mean we have to sit on the sidelines and twiddle our thumbs. SCBWI Europolitan has planned a series of interviews with our mentees, to get to know them before the mentorship starts and then again afterward to find out about their unique experiences. 

SCBWI Europolitan hopes all of you will stay tuned and support both our mentors and mentees for the next six months.