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Meet our 2019 Mentees

The applications have been read, the mentors have made up their minds. Now it’s time to announce the 2019 SCBWI Mentorship Program mentees!


Our 2019 Mentees!

Pat Cummings chose Kirsten Carlsen (SCBWI Germany member) as her mentee. Here’s what Pat had to say about Kirsten’s work:

Both of the stories have broad appeal.  Also, the emotional content is really nicely conveyed in the images in the first story and having such an essential element already established is promising.


Click here to read Kirsten’s interview.


Ann Bonwill chose Anjali Morard (SCBWI France member) as her mentee. Here’s what Ann had to say about Anjali’s picture book Starley Bunny and Mr. Postman’s Bicycle:


I connected with your story right away. I love the bicycle element (and with your research on bikes for your nonfiction project, you could do a nice author’s note at the end) and was particularly drawn to the character of Starley. She has a wonderful combination of humor and heart. I think the structure of your story is strong, and it provides a number of distinct and interesting illustration opportunities. I look forward to working together – I have some thoughts on ways that you might deepen Starley’s motivation and agency, as well as some ways to punch up the language in parts. I can’t wait to read more of your work and be a part of your writing journey.


Click here to read an interview with Anjali for SCBWI.



Skila Brown chose Hilary Wang (SCBWI Germany member) as her mentee. Here’s what Skila had to say about Hilary’s middle grade book Roots of Rebellion:


Roots of Rebellion has two things I love in a story: subversive characters and overthrowing authority. There’s something delightfully dark about shearing hair against someone’s will. It feels personal, fresh, and symbolic. Gunther and Boggs are characters I want to spend more time with. But above all, I’m excited to work with this writer because the mentee seems eager to improve, read, and work hard. All signs that this will be a fun few months!


Click here to read Hilary’s interview.



Due to both professional and personal commitments, Danielle Jawando had to step down as mentor. Fortunately, the committee was able to find a wonderful replacement – author Amber Lough – who excitedly stepped into the role of mentor at the last minute.

Amber chose Stephanie Radzik (SCBWI Switzerland) as her mentee. Here’s what Amber said about Stephanie’s young adult novel Polymorpheus:

You have created a very real, concrete setting with wonderful details that really evoke the senses. This can be difficult to do, but you’ve got a very good handle on it. In addition, the point-of-view of your character David is solid. The plot sounds fascinating, and it will be interesting to see where you take this.


Click here to read Stephanie’s interview for SCBWI. 



What’s next?

Over the next six months, the mentors and mentees will meet and work extremely hard together on the chosen projects. But that doesn’t mean we have to sit on the sidelines and twiddle our thumbs. SCBWI Europolitan has planned a series of interviews with our mentees, to get to know them before the mentorship starts and then again afterward to find out about their unique experiences.

SCBWI Europolitan hopes all of you will stay tuned and support both our mentors and mentees for the next six months.